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Become a Cancer THRIVER so you can SUPERCHARGE your ENERGY and your LIFE.




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About The Book

A revolutionary guide that redefines the stages of cancer recovery

The power cancer has on our society is astronomical. Even the word insights fear. The World Health Organization’s statistics show that cancer touches every country in the world. As science and treatments advance, more people are living longer with cancer. 

There are many challenges within survival, including fatigue, overwhelm, and fear. Meeting these challenges, at any stage of cancer recovery, while facing the uncertainty of the future, is a huge task. In The Opportunity in Cancer, Dr. Katrina Cox, ND takes the reader through an easy to follow plan to release trauma, reclaim control over the mind, restore the body and renew life.  

In this step-by-step guide, Dr. Katrina explores her simple Climb Through Cancer RecoveryTM process to help you develop an individualized recovery strategy to transform beyond survival. 

After reading this book you will have the clarity to fight the overwhelm, tools to restore energy and combat fatigue, and a path forward to release fear.

What Others Have to Say

The Opportunity In Cancer beautifully articulates so many of the complex thoughts of cancer survivors

The Opportunity In Cancer beautifully articulates so many of the complex thoughts of cancer survivors.  Katrina shows such deep genuine compassion for her readers.  Where other experts tout the importance of focusing on the body, mind and spirit, she is able to give clear information and practical steps to truly recover your body, nurture a positive mindset and find a path forward with purpose.  This book is full of real-life experiences, research and easy to understand frameworks that  help with finding clarity.  I would recommend this book to any cancer survivor!

Alexa Jackson, RD

Registered Dietician & Social Media Content Creator, Alexa Jackson Creative,

A must read for all those who choose to thrive!

This is an important call to awakening for practitioners and patients alike! The information in this book bridges a gap that is desperately needed for anyone on the road to recovery. Interactive and practical step-by-step suggestions line each page and inspire the reader to embrace hope through their own unique opportunities. A must read for all those who choose to thrive!

Juli Conard, RMT

Author – Finding the Well in Wellness

Dr. Katrina humbly offers a powerful framework to move from survivor to thriver

Cancer can be a devastating diagnosis, but so too can any chronic illness or trauma.  Dr. Katrina humbly offers a powerful framework that helps individuals, families and communities acknowledge what it means to move through a health crisis and find opportunity on the other side.  

Dr. Quinn Hand, ND

Founder & Clinical Director, Q Wellness

Dr. Cox lays out a compassionate, effective and realistic program to help patients integrate back fully into life once in remission

Dr. Katrina Cox has distilled down one of the most difficult times in life, cancer and the path that it takes for the patient, their family and loved ones, into a healing journey.  Her 4 “R” process of “The climb through cancer recovery” allows the patient and family to regain control over their physical, emotional and spiritual health, something that is often taken away during cancer treatment.

Dr. Penny Kendall-Reed, BSC, ND

Author – The Complete Doctor’s Stress Solution, The No Crave Diet, Fix your Genes to Fit your Genes,

Dr. Katrina helps transform the overwhelm to create a true thriver mentality

Dr. Katrina Cox ND is a trusted colleague. She’s created this research-packed resource for anyone impacted by cancer on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. Dr. Katrina takes readers through the often neglected period of a life with cancer, from feeling depleted and lost to empowered and whole. Dr. Katrina helps transform the overwhelm to create a true thriver mentality.

Dr. Lori Bouchard, BHSc, ND

Author – Live, Longer and Stronger with Breast Cancer & Cancer Doesn’t Own You,,

To move from surviving, to thriving, should be the intention for all!

Dr. Katrina does an exquisite job focusing on the importance of testing and assessing the terrain, truly teaching her patients to “know thyself,” and encouraging their lifelong exploration of what truly nourishes, nurtures, and brings forth their true nature to thrive. This is a book for our times. To move from surviving, to thriving, should be the intention for all.

Dr. Nasha Winters, ND, L.Ac., FABNO

Co-author of The Metabolic Approach to Cancer & Mistletoe and the Emerging Future of Integrative Oncology

What’s Inside

Meet The Author

Dr. Katrina Cox is a naturopathic doctor who has been working as a clinician for more than a decade. Her passion for medicine lies in the roots of the naturopathic principle “Docere” or “Doctor as Teacher”.

Her journey with cancer began alongside her parents who were diagnosed and treated in the early 2000s. Observing and supporting her parents through their journeys with cancer, she saw the need to create structure around cancer recovery. From these basic beginnings, she founded the Cancer Remission MissionTM. Her mission is to help those who’ve been affected by cancer find a way to move beyond survival and transform to thriving.

Who’s The Opportunity in Cancer For?

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